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Eight months before my wedding I learned that the place I was planning to have our reception was not going to work for us. I was in a panic to say the least. I needed a new reception hall ASAP, I still didn’t have bridesmaids dresses, and I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by the stress of planning a wedding by myself! My mom and I decided it was time to call Brenda – who had been referred to us by a friend. As soon as I talked with Brenda on the phone she was able to put me at peace and assure me that we could get everything done in time. She helped us find a new reception site and we laid out a timeline of when I needed to have things done (such as getting those bridesmaids dresses). Having someone that I met with regularly, could call or email with questions, and who held me accountable to my timeline really helped to alleviate my stress. I think what helped the most though was having Brenda there the day of the event. Having someone there that I knew would make sure everything happened the way that it should, allowed me to relax and enjoy my wonderful wedding day. Brenda provided me with what I consider an invaluable service. She’s a wonderful person to work with and she truly cares about her brides. I would definitely recommend her to anyone planning for their special day!

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Jennifer Rea

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